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PRP therapy (autologous blood treatment, vampire lift)

For skin rejuvenation, we not only have hyaluronic acid, microneedling or peelings at our disposal, but also treatment with PRP.

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which we extract from your own blood. The treatment is also known as plasma treatment, autologous blood therapy or vampire lifting.

To obtain PRP, we take a certain amount of blood from your arm vein and centrifuge it in tubes provided for this purpose. The centrifugation separates the platelet-rich plasma from the other blood components and we then immediately inject it into the skin regions to be treated.

Platelet-rich plasma contains platelets and numerous growth factors. The growth factors promote cell growth, stimulate the synthesis of new collagen and stimulate the formation of elastic fibres and new blood vessels.  

The PRP treatment leads to a rejuvenation and improvement of the skin structure as well as a reduction in the depth of wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté as well as the back of the hands.

There should be 3-6 treatments at intervals of 4 weeks. In the further course, treatments should initially be carried out every 3 months, and later every 6 months.  

Autologous blood therapy is also suitable for stimulating the hair follicles in cases of hair loss and for treating stretch marks.

We are also happy to combine PRP therapy with microneedling. In this case, we work your platelet-rich plasma directly with the microneedling into the deeper skin layers.

Before starting the therapy, we apply an anaesthetic cream to the skin areas to be treated. The cream is left on for 40-60 minutes. During this time you can rest, work or read in our cabin. Shortly before the end of the treatment time, we take blood from your arm vein. This is then centrifuged and your skin is cleaned and disinfected during this time.

Then the treatment begins and the PRP is injected with the finest needles.

After the treatment, your skin is disinfected and cooled. Before you leave, we apply a skin-soothing cream and sunscreen.

For 1-2 days after the treatment, your skin will be slightly red and may show the smallest bruises. You should avoid direct sunlight for the first week after treatment. Sunscreen should be applied daily during the treatment period.

Appointment duration: 90-120 minutes, no sports for 24 hours, no sauna for 1 week.


Appointment 90-120 minutes




whole body
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Spring awakening for the skin

with Microneedling, PRP and Skinbooster.

After the winter with cold, dry air and little light our skin needs a freshness kick.
Whether with Microneedling with or without PRP and Skinbooster, we stimulate the cells of your skin, stimulate the formation of new collagen and deeply moisturize your skin.

Please contact us. We look forward to your questions and requests.

27.12.2021 from 12:00-18:00
Prof. Dr. Kohl

28.12.2021 from 14:00-18:00
Prof. Dr. Kohl

29.12.2021 from 9:00-14:00
Dr. von Pelchrzim

30.12.2021 from 12:00-18:00
Dr. von Pelchrzim

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AquaFacial treatment

Health, vitality and beauty

This treatment can help improve your overall appearance and make you feel good about yourself.

... for facial skin
... by liquid and vacuum

The effects:
- Optical rejuvenation of the skin
- Tightening of the skin (anti-aging)
- Strengthening of the skin structure
- Reduction of UV damage
- Reduction of hyperpigmentation
- Optical reduction of skin pores
- Reduction of acne and impurities

27.12.2021 from 12:00-18:00
Prof. Dr. Kohl

28.12.2021 from 14:00-18:00
Prof. Dr. Kohl

29.12.2021 from 9:00-14:00
Dr. von Pelchrzim

30.12.2021 from 12:00-18:00
Dr. von Pelchrzim

Laser treatment for skin lesions Dry skin


Autumn is the best season for laser treatment for skin lesions!

Laser treatment with IDAS™ uses green light against red vessels and disturbing pigmented skin changes. With the IDAS™ green laser, the many benign, unwanted skin changes can be removed effectively, quickly and safely.

Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Image Peeling


The PRX-T 33 cosmetic peel is the absolute favourite in the anti-ageing sector.

PRX-T 33 is our absolute favorite in the anti-aging field. The combination of H2O2, trichloroacetic acid and kojic acid results in skin rejuvenation without injections or pain or peeling of the skin. The peeling can be performed throughout the year. We recommend 5 treatments each 2-3 weeks apart.

Especially the skin on the face, neck and décolleté becomes firmer and more even with each treatment, but also the skin on the hands, arms and legs becomes more wrinkle-free and taut.

The effects
- skin tightening
- refinement of skin texture
- lightening of hyperpigmentation